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We’re already packing up the books, stickers, and tees to get ready for buy Gabapentin australia next week in Tampa, FLA (March 7-10). If you’re attending this annual gathering, along with the other 15,000+ lit lovers, please pop by the Bookfair and find us patiently awaiting your arrival at the Write Bloody booth. (ProTip: If you’re not able to attend the entire conference, at least come to the Bookfair on Saturday / $45. &, we know. Right?)

We’re also hosting a book release extravaganza in St Petersburg at purchase Gabapentin online on Friday, March 9th, 6:30pm. Here, you’ll meet and hear from the new works of some terrific authors: order Gabapentin online overnight, can you buy Neurontin online, buy Gabapentin cod, and buy Gabapentin online us. Can’t wait to see you there!

buy Gabapentin no prescription

There’s SO MUCH good news already in 2018 – book releases galore (Burns, Chaney, O’Hare, to name just a few), new partnerships (including distributor buy gabapentin online & how to buy gabapentin online), and events at Powell’s, AWP18 Tampa, and the LA Times Festival of Books.

Buy a book! Support an author! Attend an event! We can’t wait to share great lit with you this year. See you soon – like at buy Neurontin gabapentin to celebrate the latest releases from Wryly McCutchen and Stephen M Park.

buy Gabapentin online cod

We’re gearing up for the where can i buy Gabapentin uk in Portland with two terrific events. If you’re in town, we’d love to see you there!

First up, join us forbuy Gabapentin online cheap on Friday, November 10th with our celebrity slam-prov sessions.

After Wordstock on Saturday, November 11th (we’ll be sharing a table with pals fromorder Neurontin cheap overnight at washingtonso please stop by to say hello), we’re co-hosting a order Gabapentin online redditNo finer way to kick off your Saturday night.

Eager to share our authors’ finest with you, and hear about your fall inspirations, too, so show up, fine people!


buy Neurontin online overnight

We’ve already had a busy fall with readings and launchings and retreatings with all sorts of amazing people! Next up: can u buy Neurontin online on November 4th. Get all the where can i buy gabapentin online. Teaser: Come listen to our very own A.M. O’Malley, John Barrios, and Leah Noble Davidson. We’ve also teamed up with Gabapentin 300 mg for dogs where to buy fromauthors Kim Fu and Chris Gudgeon, and buy Gabapentin usa‘s Derrick Brown. Muses from buy Gabapentin reddit will add that special spark to our evening.

Next up: A fab and fine UHell Press showcase on November 5th at gabapentin buy online australia‘s. Brian S Ellis, Leah, Derrick, and other lit celebs will be reading from new work. Added bonus: where can i buy Gabapentin in the ukoffers up fresh pentameter with tasty quavers from their latest work Songs from Time-wise Animals. (Exactly.)

If you’re in town for order Gabapentin (hell, we know you’re just in town, livin’ your lives), please join us the weekend before the world changes. We’d love to hear about what gets you hot!




order Neurontin over the counter

We’re super stoked to get to buy Gabapentin online without dr approval where we’ll be at booth #635 with our pals from buy gabapentin online reddit. Aside from our newest releases (three amazing debuts this month!), we’ll have all titles from our current catalog, super hot tees, and a few author readings / signings events right there in the booth.

Our managing editor Eve is hosting a terrific panel – Women on the Verge – Authentic Voices from Outsider Lit – on Friday, April 1 with four of your new fave writers. We’ll also be co-hosting two rad author showcases that you won’t want to miss – the first on order Neurontin overnight with our team and special guests from Moved By Words and buy Gabapentin from india, and the second on buy Gabapentin for dogs uk with three UHell writers and the exceptional crew from buy pre Gabapentin

See you in LA!










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Hello Hellions!

We’ll keep this brief.

First, we are suspending unsolicited submission windows until January 2017 because we currently have FIFTEEN books in our production queue and we need to focus our attention on their completion.

Second, we know you were looking forward to our summer submissions window, so, in the meantime, we are offering our first-ever University of Hell Press sponsored anthology. Details buy Neurontin online. You have to contribute.

Third, we hope you’ll celebrate with us the fact that we have fifteen new books coming because that number also matches the number of books in our entire catalog so far. We put out five books the year we launched in 2012, four in 2013, three in 2014, and already three so far this year. Color us gobsmacked.

Finally, we hope that if you’re in Portland that you’ll join us at LitHop PDX this year where we’re hosting a stage at Dante’s. Details order Gabapentin cod.

Dispatch over.

Yours in Hell,

University of Hell Press

buy Gabapentin overnight delivery

Our latest title Nothing to Do with Me by Sarah Xerta is now available. Read selections from the book and link to where you can buy it online by clicking here: buy Gabapentin 300mg capsules

If you’re in Portland, you can get your copies now directly from Powell’s City of Books on Burnside or Powell’s Books on Hawthorne.

can you buy Gabapentin online

Our latest title i want love so great it makes Nicholas Sparks cream in his pants by Calvero is now available. Read selections from the book and link to where you can buy it online by clicking here: can you order Gabapentin online

If you’re in Portland, you can get your copies now directly from Powell’s City of Books on Burnside or Powell’s Books on Hawthorne.