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We’ve already had a busy fall with readings and launchings and retreatings with all sorts of amazing people! Next up: can you buy Neurontin online on November 4th. Get all the buy Gabapentin cod. Teaser: Come listen to our very own A.M. O’Malley, John Barrios, and Leah Noble Davidson. We’ve also teamed up with buy Gabapentin online usauthors Kim Fu and Chris Gudgeon, and buy gabapentin online uk‘s Derrick Brown. Muses from buy Neurontin canada will add that special spark to our evening.

Next up: A fab and fine UHell Press showcase on November 5th at can i buy Gabapentin in spain‘s. Brian S Ellis, Leah, Derrick, and other lit celebs will be reading from new work. Added bonus: buy Gabapentin online canadaoffers up fresh pentameter with tasty quavers from their latest work Songs from Time-wise Animals. (Exactly.)

If you’re in town for buy gabapentin online usa (hell, we know you’re just in town, livin’ your lives), please join us the weekend before the world changes. We’d love to hear about what gets you hot!