Open Submissions Suspended Until Early Spring 2014

Dear Hellions Around The World–

It has been one Hell of a wild ride this year with four new titles, dozens of public events and readings with our rad authors, a massive book tour with Eirean Bradley and Leah Noble Davidson, and our big splash at Wordstock. We’re thrilled with all the attention we continue to receive, and have BIG PLANS brewing for even more antics in 2014.

Starting with AWP at the end of February, those BIG PLANS include cranking out many more titillating titles in 2014. We have SIX different titles already inching through various stages of production that we know you’re just gonna love to get your hot little hands on. Given that, and our focus on AWP, we are suspending open submissions for now with only a couple exceptions (read our Submission Guidelines for more info). Just for now!

In the meantime, this will allow us to catch up on all the submissions that we have received to date, and there are a LOT of them. If you have submitted to us and haven’t heard back yet, you will soon. This also gives you time to really tighten up your manuscript for submission to us.

Keep up with us here on the University of Hell Press blog and on our FB page to be informed about our open call for manuscript submissions in early spring. Until then, keep writin’, keep talkin’, and keep raisin’ Hell.

University of Hell Press

University of Hell Press