BIG NEWS from the depths of HELL

We’re thrilled to announce some changes and additions at the press. We know you’ll be excited about them, too.

First up, Greg Gerding, Founder and Managing Editor, is taking on a new role as Editor-in-Chief with The Big Smoke USA. Greg will remain Hell’s Founder and will still be involved in the decision-making, but many of his responsibilities now belong to …

Eve Connell, who is taking the reins of University of Hell Press as Managing Editor and primary driver of everything related to Hell’s operation.

Tyler Atwood continues to expand his role as Editor and Denver representative. John W Barrios has also taken on responsibilities as Editor. We love our authors who volunteer to help out with events, conferences, and more. You know who you are and we’d love to have more of you in the ranks.

What to expect, moving forward:

● Eve is your first point of contact for everything.
● Greg is your first point of contact for nothing.
● Tyler and John are both serving as editors – and doing a helluva job!
● Editress Amy Chadwick continues to use her extraordinary powers for the greater good.
● We’ve got 18 titles(!) in the production queue to launch into the public domain between now and 2017.
● ALL new submissions are suspended until 2017.
● We’re looking for two interns for marketing and social media roles. View the post on our FB group, and share with interested parties.
● We’re not only sharing a booth with Write Bloody Publishing again at AWP Los Angeles (Thursday, March 31st – Saturday, April 2, 2016), but we’re hosting a panel of kick-ass women authors. We’re also planning some related after-hours events, so please let us know if you’re planning to attend the conference and we’ll engage you. Watch us.
● You can count on more – plenty more, but for now stay connected for fun fall events via FB.
● Authors! Let us know about your newsy news so we can sing your praises publicly!