Greg Gerding, Publisher

is a noted underground poet and publisher. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a BA in English Language and Literature, and then hit the streets to continue his education as a scholar and scrivener of the real world. He has had seven books published: five books of prose poetry, a collection of essays entitled Venue Voyeurisms, and his most recent book, I’ll Show You Mine (The Sager Group, 2013), is an oral history on the subject of intimacy.

Greg founded the University of Hell Press in 2005 as a self-publishing brand and then expanded it to publishing other authors beginning in 2012, launching a platform for unconventional artistry. He has collaborated on projects with musicians and visual artists, and is well known for organizing poetry readings on both coasts. Greg was born in Kentucky, has lived and/or worked in nearly every city in America, and currently resides in Portland, Oregon. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of The Big Smoke America.

Eve Connell, Editor

is a proud and sunny Californian who, nevertheless, happily relocated to the verdant Pacific Northwest 15+ years ago. She still marvels at how simple it was to dive into, well, everything—from joining editorial forces and nonprofit arts org boards; jumping into choirs and bands; biking while sporting an electric blue wig, leopard print coat, and flowing purple boa, a regular act attracting exactly zero attention.

After exhausting the limits of practical degrees in French literature, philosophy, and linguistics, teaching undergrads and grads, and launching an art gallery and a few nonprofit ventures, Eve now spends some billable hours writing, editing, and training for a variety of cool clients. All those other hours? She’s probably moving raw materials about, hugging trees on long forest walks, or absorbing best practices in social justice organizing to support her community in tangible ways. Additional superpowers include connecting people with the resources they need, sending more postcards than anyone ever, and withstanding cavities. (That last one, no small feat in fluoride-free PDX.)

Amy E. Chadwick, Editor

is our Mistress of the Red Pen—and an obsessive-compulsive logophile, grammatitarian, and syntaxicist. She also likes to invent words. She graduated summa cum laude from San Diego State University just so she could write “cum” on her résumé.

When Amy’s not busy saving the world from inappropriate use of the apostrophe, she enjoys visiting art galleries, drinking Canadian whisky, listening to live music, roller-skating, and getting tattooed. Sometimes all at once. She strives to live life in tempered excess. Amy is a card-carrying member of the non sequitur and her favorite color is four.

John W Barrios, Editor

is a poet (one of ours!), essayist, editor, social worker, and full-time father living in Portland, Oregon.

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