We are catching up on our production schedule and balancing our finances, we have so many new and amazing books coming out. But, we’re bummed because that pushes out our next window of opportunity to submit.

Ugh! Still?!

Believe us, we are eager to get to a place where we have the time and resources to open up again for new submissions. Our current catalog is evenly divided between solicited and unsolicited works, we love producing new discoveries that come through open submissions.

So, as of now, unsolicited submissions of full-length, well-crafted, well-edited, and completed manuscripts are suspended. Probably will not re-open until late 2021.

Check back here periodically, and certainly on our FB page, for updates.


One thought on “SUBMISSIONS”

  1. So pleased be I to read of this anthology you and your cronies are coagulating. I intend to submit my poetry forthrightly and comet-tailed to the prescribed e-mail address. True story: on a Saturday in October 1991, I was hurled over the handlebars of my ten-speed
    because a dead squirrel looked like Chewbacca. Limped home
    six blocks and accidentally sat on a beehive. Wocka wocka wocka.

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